The Federation of Netley Abbey Infant and Junior Schools

Parent Partnership

We believe the school/parent relationship is one that is central to the wellbeing of all the children.

Events and activities are arranged to foster good relations between staff, parents and others associated with the school as well as to engage in supportive activities which promote the welfare of pupils and assist provision of educational resources.

We seek your views and changes are made accordingly. We believe that working together in this open honest way will result in the best education for the children. We have an ‘open door’ policy and aim to inform you if we have any concerns or wish to share major successes or steps forward with you. You are very welcome to come in and talk to us if you have any questions or concerns. As parents, you can help your child to gain confidence and achieve success in many ways.

See yourself and the school as partners in education. Keep in touch with the school at every opportunity. Help your child to be organised by:

a) Naming everything she / he brings to school.

b) Sending money in a clearly labelled package.

c) Asking for notes regularly and returning reply slips as requested.

Take an interest in what happens each day and reading guidelines.

Send a note or direct message if she / he is absent.

Encourage homework to be completed and handed in on time.

Keep the school informed about special circumstances such as medical and personal needs.

Attend parents’ meetings and other information evenings offered.

Read, understand and sign The Home School Agreement.

All parents are invited to volunteer for a variety of ‘in school’ and ‘out of school’ activities. Class teachers actively welcome support in their classrooms in a variety of situations, with literacy, numeracy, sewing, cooking, art work and general helpers as well as accompanying children on visits out of school. You could also volunteer for Parent Council, The Friends Association and our Governing Body.